Dienstag 27. März 2012 , 18.15 Uhr — Bern, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Hallerstr. 12 (Hörsaal 002)

Prof. Tina K. Ramnarine (Royal Holloway, University of London)
«In Our Foremothers’ Arms»: Goddesses, Feminism, and Belonging in Sámi Songs

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This paper discusses how modern joik can be interpreted in relation to traditional cosmologies, drawing in particular on the goddesses, and how this genre has featured in the fostering of a pan-Sámi indigenous sensibility. Although joik continues to play a defining role in representing Sámi political identity, this genre is not widespread across the region now known as Sápmi (the land of the Sámi). Amongst the Skolt Sámi in the eastern regions of Sápmi, for example, the traditional vocal genre is the leu’dd – often a narrative about an individual, which can be understood as a form of oral history. Leu’dd is regarded as a disappearing vocal tradition. Wars, Cold War military policy, and hydroelectric projects have resulted in the forced relocation of the Skolt Sámi and in the deaths of male singers. The most recent recording project of the 1990s focuses, therefore, on female singers. The discussion in this paper draws on Sámi cosmologies, explores Sámi feminist theorisation, and focuses on two singers – Ulla Pirttijärvi and Tiina Sanila – to highlight the different ways in which singing evokes notions of Sáminess, the historical processes that have shaped women’s vocal expressions, and the connections between traditional and modern musical practices. The emotional attachments to place and kinship bonds expressed in joik and leu’dd performance are analysed in relation to the politics of identity and belonging.

(Der Vortrag erfolgt in englischer Sprache.)

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