DARIAH Annual Meeting 2018

Freitag 23. März 2018 — Samstag 24. März 2018 — Paris

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The theme for this year's event will be that of Open Science.
The digitally-enabled arts and humanities have long been a source of collaboration, sharing, openness to new ideas and methods thanks to the profound and pervasive effects of advancing digital research.
Humanists have both pragmatically and philosophically understood that cooperation in teams and openness to innovation are by now intrinsic characteristics of successful research in the field. In recent years, growing out of the broader Open Access movement, the topic of an even deeper Open Science has emerged, both from the research community itself (as it grapples with issues such as ethics and machine intelligence, wishing to provide greater transparency in terms of methodology) as well as from research institutions, funders, governments and supranational bodies that wish to see science done in a way that has more impact, is more accessible to both academic peers and the public, and is available for inter- and multidisciplinary research.
At the 2018 Annual Event we would like to discuss with the DARIAH.EU community how we deal with issues of open science in the research infrastructure we build, and how the humanities can promote new methodologies for open collaboration.

The event is organized by DARIAH-EU in partnership with the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique Huma-Num and it will be held at a beautiful location just outside Paris, at the Chalet de la Porte Jaune – Porte Jaune, Avenue de Nogent, 75012 Paris, France


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