Futur ICT

Mittwoch 21. März 2012 — ETHZ, Semperaula, Zürich

Conference series «The Big Six – Spotlight on the EU-Flagship-Initiative»: Future ICT – Participatory Computing for Our Complex World

Akademien der Wissenschaften Schweiz

The FuturICT project is a response to the European Commission’s Flagship Call in the area of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) – Future and Emergent Technologies (FET). It is motivated by recognizing that society and ICT form a tightly coupled system that needs to be considered as a whole, rather than as two separate systems. To this end, FuturICT aims to develop a new science of the co-evolution of ICT with society, building on an integration of expertise from the social sciences, complexity science, and ICT.

The conference aims to inform the Swiss scientific community about the FuturICT project and its possible impacts on different fields. The organizers welcome scientists of all fields, political decision makers, press representatives and the interested public. The conference will be held in English and Prof. Dirk Helbing, Scientific Coordinator of the FuturICT project, will attend as main speaker.

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