Internationale Nachwuchstagung: Variation(slinguistik) trifft Text(linguistik)

Sonntag 19. März 2017 — Mittwoch 22. März 2017 — Ascona

Internationale Nachwuchstagung: Variation(slinguistik) trifft Text(linguistik)

Lehrstuhl Linguistik am Département de langue et de littérature allemandes, Université de Genève

The conference is dedicated to natural language, more precisely: its inevitably heterogeneous nature seen from the perspective of variationist linguistics and text linguistics. This conference for young scientists will be focusing mainly on the German language, but papers on other languages are appreciated as well.

Recent studies show several interfaces and matches between both linguistics' sub-disciplines. Actual use of language, corpus construction and data retrieval, situational-functional and stylistic-contextual questions, comparison of prescriptive norms, and actual language behavior, as well as references to the prototype theory are of interest to both disciplines. All language-internal phenomena of language that correlate with extra-linguistic factors will be discussed open for discussion in the workshop (user- and usage-based).

Special attention will be given to text variation / variation in the text – be it grammatical, or lexical. Papers focusing on parallels between variationist and text linguistic approaches will be of particular interest at this conference. Presentations showing (preliminary) results (especially dissertations and habilitations in their early stage) are much appreciated, as well as methodological contributions on elicitation and data analysis.

The main goal of the conference is to assemble young researchers out of the field of variationist and text linguistics and to create a platform for scientific exchange and future cooperation. It is an excellent opportunity for young researchers in both linguistic fields to get acquainted with intra- and interdisciplinary approaches and may lead to a clarification and intensification of the topic they work on and its leading questions.

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