Freitag 27. März 2015 , 13h15-18h — Bern

Symposium «Klinische Ethikstrukturen in der Schweiz»


 Gemeinsam mit der Schweizerischen Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Ethik (SGBE) organisiert die Schweizerische Akademie der Medizinischen Wissenschaften (SAMW) am Freitag, 27. März 2015, von 13h15 bis 18h in Bern das Symposium «Klinische Ethikstrukturen in der Schweiz: Update und Herausforderungen».

Im Zentrum stehen die Ergebnisse der diesjährigen SAMW-Umfrage zu den Ethikstrukturen an Schweizer Spitälern, Kliniken und Langzeitinstitutionen und das für die klinische Ethik wichtige Thema «Zwangsmassnahmen». Dazu werden Auszüge aus den aktuell von der SAMW erarbeiteten medizin-ethischen Richtlinien präsentiert und zur Diskussion gestellt.

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Mittwoch 04. März 2015 — Freitag 06. März 2015 — University of Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich Winter School on the ethics of human enhancement

Institute for Biomedical Ethics and History of Medicine

Technologies that promise to significantly enhance human capacities have become a central topic of debate in biomedical ethics over the past few decades. Such «enhancement technologies» are variously intended to improve cognition, motivation, mood, personality, health and longevity, physical appearance and athletic performance in healthy people. This Winter School will bring together an international group of experts on the cutting edge of that debate, to discuss questions like: what can we already do to enhance human capacities, and what can we expect to achieve in the future? Does the pursuit of human enhancement involve a search for «perfection», and if so, does this count against it? Do enhancement technologies threaten human dignity and human identity? Will they undermine social justice, or can they perhaps help promote it? Should we reject enhancement interventions that would alter human nature as we know it? And finally, are the potential social benefits of enhancement (e.g. faster progress in medical science made possible by smarter researchers) worth the risks?

The conference is open to all students, researchers and practitioners from all relevant fields, interested in the ethics of human enhancement. There is no registration fee. 3 ECTS will be given for full participation. Please register by e-mailing before 1st February 2015 with your name, title and affiliation. Places are limited.

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Mittwoch 11. März 2015 — Samstag 14. März 2015 — Strasbourg (France)

6th International Symposium on Bioethics


Humans in the Meshes of the Digital Web - Ethical Challenges of Information and Communication Technologies

The deadline for submission of proposals is November 15, 2014.

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Mittwoch 20. Mai 2015 — Freitag 22. Mai 2015 — New York City (USA)

ICCEC 2015

11th Annual International Conference on Clinical Ethics & Consultation

The deadline for submission of proposals is November 3, 2014.

For more information: http://WWW.ICCEC2015.US

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