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Montag 26. Februar 2018

CAV summer school film at GIEFF 2018

 Shot during the CAV summer school 2017 and under the teaching of Iris Zaki

the short film "Gifts From Le Locle"
by Salome Bossard, Sélima Chibout, Mirjam Neidhart and Laura Peer

has been selected by the German International Ethnographic Film Festival in Koblenz 2018!
It will be shown in Koblenz on 10th May 2018.

Mittwoch 02. September 2015

New Film: Through Love, Thorns Become Roses

A film by Philippe Gazagne
With Ali Mehrjawi and the collaboration of Alessandro Monsutti

'Through Love, Thorns Become Roses' is a film about and with Ali, an Afghan asylum seeker caught in an in-between life in Athens for 12 years. During a journey with him between Athens and Patras, Ali’s memories and his taste for poetry mingle with a narration of his dreams and insomnia. Challenging conventional logics of time and space, the film interweaves evocations of Ali’s past with immersions in present-day events and cityscapes of Athens.

- Coming Soon -

Summer Workshop 2014


Philippe Gazagne

Präsident KAV / président CAV

Global Migration Centre, The Graduate Institute Geneva (IHEID)


philippe.gazagne [at]

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