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jeudi 18. octobre 2018 — vendredi 19. octobre 2018 — Basel

Cultural Competence: Steps to take from Medical Education to Care of Patients


Cultural Competence
at the Intersection of Medical Anthropology and Medicine
Steps to take from Medical Education to Care of Patients

Contemporary societies are undergoing rapid and complex social changes in matters of national, ethnical, linguistic and cultural diversity. While the Swiss FOPH and the network of Swiss Hospitals for Equity (SH4E) take measures to move towards providing high quality care for all patients, the recently released learning objectives (PROFILES) for Swiss medical education address the need to serve diversity and vulnerability more precisely.

We will engage in a critical discourse on how medical anthropology and biomedicine are intertwined in ‘cultural competence’ and the type of knowledge produced in related curricula and ‘care of patients’. We are particularly interested in how the concept of ‘cultural competence’ can be transferred from theory to everyday medical practice by benefiting, at its best, from a ‘joint venture’ between the two disciplines.

Questions raised are: Why do some call for ‘cultural humility’, lifelong learning, and others for ‘cultural competence’ along with technical skills and defined knowledge? What is needed for medical education to meet these new learning objectives? What do health professionals need to provide high quality care to patients in cross-cultural encounters of ‘real life’?

The presentations and panel discussion on the first day provide a stimulating input to reflect on the Swiss stance and to design future steps. On the second day, the emphasis is on the transfer from theory to practice and on benefiting from an interactive exchange with international and Swiss experts.

The symposium addresses health care professionals, (medical) anthropologists, and related disciplines, (medical) faculty members, lecturers and students.

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