Tuesday 09. December 2014 18.15 Uhr — Bern, Institut für Musikwissenschaft, Hallerstr. 12 (Hörsaal 002)

Dr. Anibal E. Cetrangolo (Venedig)
Italian Opera and its audience in Argentina (1880 -1920)

SMG Sektion Bern

For the Argentine romantics Italy was, before the era of mass migration, a mandatory destination of pilgrimage. Italian opera benefited from this prestige. The times of early Italian immigration in Argentina were coincident with the boom of the opera with which these foreigners were identified. As from 1900 this favor dwindled as social tensions among the local elite and the immigrants arose. In these dynamics, melodrama composers were identified with Italian ways and manners. Italians, earlier compared with the genial Rossini, were now considered as vulgar as Leoncavallo, who dared invade with his coarseness the lyric shrine. What was Italian could no longer be a sign of social distinction also because the humble knew opera as well as the members of the elite did. These turned to the French model, to Massenet’s refined orientalism.

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