Priority Projects

Priority Projects

To deal interdisciplinary with topics relevant to society the SAHS brings together scientific disciplines belonging to its domain.

At present the SAHS concentrates on the following projects of priority:

Lingue e culture
L'ASSU si concentra su tre aspetti: le lingue nazionali, il multilinguismo e l’uso delle lingue nel campo della scienza. Sotto l'ampio titolo di "cultura", l'ASSU si concentra su due temi: la consapevolezza nazionale della Svizzera strettamente legata alla questione delle lingue, e la sostenibilit√† del concetto di multiculturalismo, in una societ√† caratterizzata dal pluralismo delle religioni e delle culture.

Sustainable Development
How can the resources at our disposal as well as our increasingly digitised cultural assets be preserved for future generations? How much undeveloped area will there be in Switzerland in 50 years time? How does generational thinking in generations influence social relationships?

Science and Technology
What influences do technical innovations have on our society? What knowledge of humanities and social sciences does a good physician require? Will the machine replace the human being?

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