DARIAH - Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities

DARIAH in a nutshell: DARIAH is developed by researchers for researchers

What is DARIAH?
DARIAH is an acronym for Digital Research Infrastructure for the Arts and Humanities. It serves as pan-European co-operation of research infrastructures for humanists working with computer based methods. It promotes digital research as well as the teaching of digital research methods.

How does DARIAH work?
DARIAH is as a network. At present, it connects several hundreds of researchers and dozens of research facilities in 17 European countries, the so-called DARIAH member states. Moreover, DARIAH cooperates with numerous institutions in countries - also in Switzerland - which are not or not yet member of DARIAH. It also co-operates with numerous research projects throughout Europe. Researchers supporting DARIAH develop digital tools, share scientific data as well as know-how. They organise workshops, conferences or summer schools on digital methods, and provide training equipment for the Digital Humanities.

Since 15th August 2014 DARIAH has been organised as a European Research Infrastructure Consortium - ERIC. For the time being, 17 countries are full members of DARIAH; they constitute the General Assembly. The board of directors is responsible for the operational management. Four Virtual Competence Centers (VCC) are charged with tasks regarding contents (e-Infrastructure, Research and Education Liaison, Scholarly Content Management, Advocacy, Impact and Outreach). Switzerland is not a member of DARIAH, however, seven universities as well as the SAHS are co-operation partners of DARIAH.

In collaboration with the project DESIR and the State Secretariat for Education, Research and Innovation (SERI) efforts are in progress to make Switzerland a national member of DARIAH, latest by 2021.

For further information see https://www.dariah.eu/about/dariah-in-nutshell/

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