Travel Expenses Contributions

Conferences: Important Modifications (effective from 1st March 2015)

The Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences (SAHS) grants financial contribution to travel expenses of young academics who participate actively in scientific conferences abroad. During the last few years, these subsidies met a great demand. Meanwhile, the number of applications has increased tremendously, so that the academy can no longer deal with all the requests, neither financially nor administratively. Therefore, the SAHS decided to take immediate measures to stabilise the subventions and to reduce administrative work.

Compared to the previous sponsorship, the academy plans three modifications. These alterations are effective for events taking place from 1st March 2015. It is not relevant whether an application has already been submitted or not.

1. Implementation of lump-sums
Newly, only two lump-sums can be applied for; the amount depends on the travelling time. For destinations accessible within 5 flying hours (zone 1, Europe and some Mediterranean countries) a lump-sum of CHF 500.00 can be applied for; for more distant destinations (zone 2) a lump-sum of CHF 1'000.00. The contributions granted by the SAHS provide for travel expenses and costs for lodging. The above-mentioned amounts are meant to be global-credits which cannot be exceeded. Upon receipt of the final account and the relevant proofs, settlement will be defined.

2. Travel contributions every two years
After a request was agreed to, a new application can be submitted only in the year after next.

3. Chargeable costs
The SAHS contributes to travel expenses and costs for lodging only. Expenses for visa, other preliminaries, food, conference fees and local transportation are not covered.

This step is necessary to guarantee future sponsorship of travel expenses.

Contribution to Travel Expenses

In order to encourage the communication and the exchange of results within the international context, the SAHS offers to young academics and young people, who are representing Swiss organisations in international umbrella organisations, reimbursement of travel expenses. Requests can be submitted by presenting a substantiated application.

General terms for submitting an application:

  • Active participation in a scientific conference which takes place abroad (e.g. giving a lecture, presenting a poster, chairing a discussion or being involved in similar activities);
  • Representing a Swiss scientific association (scientific organisation, commission etc.) at an international conference, either individually or as a member of a delegation.
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How do I submit an application to the SAHS?

For each application the following documents have to be enclosed with:

  • form «Travel expenses»;
  • detailed budget/finance plan, showing especially the personal contributions as well as further applied for or received subsidies;
  • conference programme;
  • documents confirming the active participation in the conference (confirmation of participation, invitation etc.);
  • applicant's curriculum vitae;
  • 1.) definition of conference zone (1 or 2); 2.) applying for the relevant lump-sum (the classification of zones listed here).

Applications must be submitted to the SAHS latest two months prior to the date the conference takes place. After a request was agreed to by the SAHS, a new application can be submitted in the year after next only.

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How does the SAHS Verify the Two-Month-Deadline for Submission?

Example of verification of the two-month-deadline for submission:

If a conference starts on 15th June, the application must have reached the SAHS (by post or e-mail) on 15th April the latest. Moreover, we would like to draw your attention to the fact that this date must be a regular work day.

If the deadline is going to be an official holiday, submission is to be rescheduled to the nearest previous working day. E.g.: if a conference starts on 1st October 2014, the deadline is in principle the 1st August 2014. As 1st August is an official holiday, the nearest previous working day is Thursday, 31st July 2014. For this reason, the application must be with the SAHS on 31st July 2014 the latest.

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Who can Submit Applications to the SAHS?

All individuals irrespective of a membership of one of the member organisations of the SAHS can apply for financial support.

Within the field of young academics, the target group for receiving contributions to travel expenses are postgraduates and postdocs working in the humanities and social sciences. A majority of the applicants' scientific work has to be carried out in Switzerland. Neither the applicants' nationality nor the domicile is of importance.

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What does the SAHS Subsidise?

  • Travel expenses, if the most economic but reasonable means of transportation is chosen;
  • Costs for lodging are reimbursed to young academics only. The SAHS does not refund more than CHF 150.00 per day. In general, young academics are applicants who have not passed the age of 38 at the time of their applying for a subsidy. However, young academics are also young scientists (such as assistants, graduates and post graduates) above the age of 38 but not occupying a permanent position within the academic career. An adequate personal contribution can be assumed. Depending on the financial situation reductions can occur;
  • Expenses for visa, other preliminaries, food, conference fees and local transportation are not covered;
  • The SAHS grants lump-sums: for destinations in Europe and for some Mediterranean countries (zone 1) a lump-sum of CHF 500.00, for more distant destinations (zone 2) a lump-sum of CHF 1'000.00 can be applied for.
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Reasons for Exclusion

Not subsidised are:

  • Travel expenses for attending meetings held in Switzerland;
  • Expenses for attending lecture tours;
  • Participation in summer schools or further education;
  • Travel expenses for educational trips;
  • Applications which have not reached the SAHS in due time;
  • Applicants not belonging to the target group entitled to subsides.
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