Historical Lexicon of Switzerland

Historical Lexicon of Switzerland

The Historical Lexicon of Switzerland (HLS) is a work of reference based on scientific basis. This accessible work is intended for a broad audience. It presents the most important themes of swiss history, from prehistoric times until now. The HLS is the only scientific dictionary published simultaneously in three national languages of Switzerland, namely german, french and italian. The foundation of such a project was made possible by the Swiss Society of History and the Swiss Academy of Humanities and Social Sciences. 

Printed version

The printed version of the HLS offers, aside from articles, many reproductions - including maps and diagrams developed by the HLS team - that present historical facts in a clear and comprehensible concept. 

Eletronical eddition of the DHS

The HLS and e-HLS include four cathegories of articles: biographies, articles about families, geography, and themes. Geographical articles deal with communes, cantons, regions, foreign countries, seigneuries, castles, archeological sites, etc. Thematical articles are interested in institutions and historical events, as well as structures, phenomena, and historical concepts. The choice of the dictionnary's key words corresponds to a representation of "total history" which wants to handle societies and historical perioda in their globality. The lastest trends in science of history are also taken care of, in the articles as well as in the choice of key words. The HLS and e-HLS transfer the knowledge of experts specialized in all historical disciplines and in related fields as history of Church, medical history, music, and army.

International network

The main idea of the HLS lies in an outreach program, in Switzerland and abroad, dedicated to historical research in Switzerland, in order to network historical swiss science on an international scale. The electronic version e-HLS, free of charge, also promotes this exchange of knowledge, beyond national boundaries. 


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