Friday 18. May 2018 — Saturday 19. May 2018 — University of Lausanne

Journées d'études internationales « 1968-2018. L’œuvre de Yambo Ouologuem : un carrefour d’écritures ? »

Pôle pour les Études africaines de la faculté de Lettres

Organisé en collaboration avec l’université de Strasbourg par Christine Le Quellec Cottier et Anthony Mangeon

Le « carrefour d’écritures » que Bernard Mouralis (1984) dépeignait pour évoquer Le Devoir de violence permettra de questionner l’oeuvre de Yambo Ouologuem dans son ensemble. Les journées d’étude croiseront les approches de chercheurs issus d’horizons académiques et culturels différents. Les textes étudiés permettront des liens avec des productions contemporaines pour suggérer des résonances avec les formes et les enjeux du monde d’aujourd’hui. Cette rencontre sera aussi l’occasion d’un hommage à l’écrivain malien décédé en octobre dernier.

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Friday 26. October 2018 — Saturday 27. October 2018 — Berne, Uni Tobler

Swiss Researching Africa Days

Swiss Society for African Studies

The 5th edition of the Swiss Researching Africa Days will take place on Friday and
Saturday October 26–27, 2018 at the Institute for Social Anthropology, University of
Bern. The Researching Africa Days are held biennially alternating with the international
thematic conferences of the Swiss Society for African Studies and are open to
all disciplines representing African Studies. The objective of the meeting is to promote
the exchange among the community of researchers working on Africa in Switzerland.
Its goals are to

  • present current research projects of MA- and doctoral students, post-docs and senior scholars;
  • enhance the circulation of relevant information between these actors and the respective institutions;
  • offer a platform for synergies and collaboration;
  • enhance the visibility of African Studies in Switzerland, the universities and research institutions;
  • promote the institutionalisation of African Studies.

The following panel propositions were accepted:

  1. Knowing Justice: The Politics of Knowledge Production for, and of, Peace and Justice in Africa
  2. Disentangling the knot: illuminating the dynamics between globalised land and local well-being in Africa
  3. Environmental justice and land management practices in Africa
  4. ´Brokers´ and interpreters within the judicial and human rights fields in West Africa / « Courtiers » et interprètes dans les champs de la justice et des droits de l´Homme en Afrique de l´Ouest
  5. Theorizing African Aesthetics
  6. Sous le signe du retour : migration et migrance littéraire
  7. Dance, Power and Subjectivities in African cities
  8. Multilingualism and Governance in Sub-Saharan Africa: a key to participation and sustainability?
  9. So what about youth in Africa? Reappraisals after the academic buzz
  10. State-Making and State-Breaking in sub-Sahara Africa
  11. Contested Wildlife

Please consult the Call for Papers and submit your proposal before 30 June 2018 directly to the convenors of the respective panel.

One of our aims is to present ongoing or recently completed PhD research on a topic
related to Africa at Swiss universities. The organizers invite researchers to submit a
scientific poster (size A0, vertical orientation) on their PhD research for the Swiss Researching
Africa Days. There will be time slots for the presentation of the posters during
the conference. The posters will also be compiled as an electronic reader to be
published on the website of the Swiss Society for African Studies. Please submit proposals
for posters (pdf) to Veit Arlt ( The deadline for submission
is 31 July 2018. The organizing committee will decide on the acceptance of submitted
poster proposals and confirm by 15 August 2018.

The general assembly of the society will be held in the framework of the Swiss Researching
Africa Days on Friday evening 26 October 2018.

For the Board of the SSAS/SGAS/SSEA: Didier Péclard, Tobias Haller and Veit Arlt
For the University of Bern: Tobias Haller, Carole Ammann and Melanie Sampoyo

Call for Papers (pdf)

Thursday 25. April 2019 — Saturday 27. April 2019 — University of Neuchâtel

Past, Present and Future of African-Asian Relations

Swiss Society for African Studies and Swiss Society for Sociology

In recent years, there has been a growing interest in the relations between Africa and Asia. This is mainly due to what is perceived as increasing Chinese influence and presence in Africa. With this call for papers, the organizers encourage researchers to investigate sociological theories and conceptual tools for the analysis of the relationships between Asia and Africa. They welcome reflections on questions of methods and data for analysis of these relationships. The organizers are interested in past and current developments in the social structure of the world society. They invite papers on the economic, political and social changes triggered by African-Asian relationships, both on the African continent but also in China and other Asian countries. Finally, this call is interested in the driving forces behind these developments and their interests, again on both continents.

A selection of outstanding papers will be published in a conference volume.

Marilyn Grell-Brisk (University of Neuchâtel), Daniel Künzler (University of Fribourg), Christian Suter (University of Neuchâtel), Patrick Ziltener (University of Zurich).

The conference is supported by the World Society Foundation (Zurich, Switzerland), the Swiss Society for African Studies, the Swiss Sociological Association, and the Sociological Institute of the University of Neuchâtel.


30 September 2018

27 May 2018

Call for papers (pdf)

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