Dienstag 10. April 2018 18.30 Uhr — Hörsaal 104, Hallerstr. 5, 3012 Bern

Dr. Katarina Livljanic
Croatian medieval music: between Latin and Glagolitic chant, between musicological research and musical performance

SMG Sektion Bern

This conference will focus on the Croatian medieval musical sources and the variety of musical traditions in this small, yet musical very compelling and rich country: Gregorian, Beneventan and Glagolitic manuscripts of mediaeval Dalmatia, as well as the study of the Glagolitic repertoire in the oral tradition, will be presented along with some audio musical exemples.
The Glagolitic liturgical repertoire, sung in the local vernacular tongue (Croatian Church Slavonic), while belonging to the Roman rite, was preserved in manuscripts written in the Glagolitic alphabet, used in mediaeval Croatia. Written sources mention the existence of this chant in Dalmatia as far back as the 11th century. Yet, the particularity of the Glagolitic repertoire, passed on orally, is its parallel survival up to the present day in a few locations along the Croatian coast, on the islands and in Istria.The work on these, Latin and Glagolitic, repertoires is present in my musicological research as well as in my musical work with the „Ensemble Dialogos“ where it  finds its practical application.

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