Montag 21. Mai 2012 , 13-18h — Room F014, Lerchenweg 36, Bern / Grosser Hörsaal, Nadelberg 6, Basel

SWELL Best Practice PhD Workshop with Janet Holmes

David Britain, University of Bern / HPSL-Basel-Freiburg

The University of Bern and the HPSL-Basel-Freiburg are organizing a series of events with Janet Holmes (Professor of Linguistics at Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand, (http://www.victoria.ac.nz/lals/about/staff/janet-holmes) in the week beginning May 21st 2012.

On May 21st, the University of Bern will be hosting a SWELL Best Practice PhD Workshop with Janet (with a similar format to the one held with Prof. Dennis Preston at Basel in 2010) along with a poster session and public lecture, to which everyone is welcome, sponsored by the Department of English Languages and Literatures and the Center for the Study of Language and Society at Bern. The PhD Workshop programme is as follows:

13:00-14:00.    Students meet for an informal lunch, discussing some of Janet’s recent research papers (which will be sent to participants well in advance) and preparing a set of focused questions for later in the afternoon. (Room F014, Lerchenweg 36, Bern)

14:05-14:45.    Janet will discuss with the students how she became interested in linguistics and tell us more about her career and research interests. (Room F014)

14:50-15:50.    Students discuss the research papers with Janet and ask their prepared questions about the texts. (Room F014)

16:00-16:50.    Coffee and poster session. Students wishing to present a poster on their PhD/Habil projects and receive feedback from Janet and other linguists will be able to do so.  (F013)

17:00-18:00    Open lecture by Prof. Holmes entitled:

Negotiating societal norms in leadership identity construction”

The lecture will take place in Room F013 of the Unitobler teaching building in Lerchenweg 36, Bern.

18:30            Dinner at the Loetschberg restaurant, Zeughausgasse 16, Bern


If you are a PhD student in English linguistics or sociolinguistics, and would like to participate in the workshop, and/or would like to come to dinner after the lecture, please complete the registration form at the foot of this email, and send it to Dr Kellie Goncalves (kellie.goncalves@ens.unibe.ch) by April 15th.


Then, later in the week, you get the opportunity to hear even more about Janet’s exciting research. HPSL-Basel-Freiburg is organizing a workshop and lecture with Janet, in Basel, on Friday May 25th.


The afternoon will begin with a public lecture to which everybody is welcome.


The title of Janet’s talk is:


“Understanding intercultural interaction at work: Some benefits from workplace discourse research”


The lecture will take place at 12.15, Englisches Seminar, Grosser Hörsaal, Nadelberg 6, Basel.


The lecture is followed by a Workshop “Accessing the workplace: Experience from a long-term project” and “Doing being a PhD student in sociolinguistics”. Students attending the PhD workshop (for 1 credit point) are expected to do some preparatory reading and to attend both parts of the day. Please register by writing to Nicole.Hoehn@unibas.ch by 15th April 2012.


More information including abstracts and a flyer can be found here: http://hpsl-linguistics.org/679

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