Mittwoch 03. Oktober 2012 5-7 pm — Salle Laure Dupraz (Kinderstube), University of Fribourg

CUSO Workshop led by Professor William J. Kennedy (Cornell University): "Ronsard and Shakespeare: The Economics of Revision"

Professor Thomas Hunkeler, Professor Indira Ghose, University of Fribourg

William J. Kennedy, Professor of Comparative Literature at Cornell University, has offered to lead a seminar workshop for colleagues and doctoral students on Wednesday 3 October from 5 to 7 pm at the University of Fribourg. The workshop will take place in Salle Laure Dupraz (Kinderstube). Professor Kennedy is currently completing a book-length manuscript on relationships between poetics and economic history in European Petrarchism. The theme of his workshop is "Ronsard and Shakespeare: The Economics of Revision". The focus will lie on  Ronsard's revisions of his own poetry in relation to Petrarch's poetry, and to Shakespeare's possible revisions of his Sonnets on the basis of his  early rare words (suggesting early composition) and late rare words (suggesting later revision) in specific texts. Professor Kennedy is keen to discuss his work in progress with colleagues and students in Switzerland. Reading material will be circulated in advance. All are very welcome to attend.


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