Freitag 08. April 2016 14.15-evening — University of Bern, UniS, A-126 (Schanzeneckstrasse 1, 3012 Bern)

SAUTE Annual meeting: Keynotes and AGM

SAUTE board

1415 Lecture by Elisabeth Dutton (University of Fribourg)
“From woodcut to woodwose: The Historie van Jan van Beverley and the challenges of staging the hairy hermit”

1500 Lecture by Anita Auer (University of Lausanne)
“Urban Literacies and the Emergence of Standard English”

1545 Coffee break

1615 AGM: Agenda
1. Minutes of 2015 meeting
2. Treasurer’s report and budget
3. Auditors’ report
5. Webmaster’s report
6. Travel awards
7. New members (see attachment)
8. European Society for the Study of English (ESSE)
9. Election of new board
10. Election of new SAGW delegates
11. Biennial conference, Neuchâtel 2017
12. News of the CUSO doctoral program
13. News from members universities
14. Varia

1815 Dinner at Restaurant Kornhauskeller, Kornhausplatz 18, 3000 Bern 7 See next page for menu.

Please, register for the meeting and for dinner by sending an email to: ahjucker@es.uzh.ch Deadline for registrations for dinner March 30, 2016 (registrations for the dinner are binding!)


Sauerkraut – Prosecco Soup

Vegetarian: Forest mushroom ragout in puff pastry and vegetables Non-vegetarian: Sautéed Breast of guinea fowl with honey - ginger sauce,
with mashed potatoes and vegetables Maroni mousse with red wine fig compote

Price (excluding drinks): ca CHF 50.00 (vegetarian) / CHF 60.00 (non-vegetarian)

esense GmbH