Mittwoch 29. April 2015 — Anthropole 5136. UNIL-Dorigny; Theatre de la Grange, foyer. UNIL-Dorigny

Don Paterson

Prof. Rachel Falconer, University of Lausanne

1. Mercredi 29 avril 2015, 13h15-14h45. Anthropole 5136. UNIL-Dorigny.

Translation and Transformation: Shakespeare, Rilke, Machado and Paterson - A talk on Paterson's practice of free translation, followed by open discussion.

2. Mercredi 29 avril 2015, 17h-18h. Theatre de la Grange, foyer. UNIL-Dorigny.

Paterson offers a reading of his own works. Pre-booking necessary. Please contact rachel.falconer@unil.ch

Don Paterson - poet extraordinaire, jazz musician, translator, editor and essayist, was born in Dundee in 1963, and is currently Professor of Creative Writing at the University of St Andrews and Poetry Editor of Picador Macmillan. He is the author of Nil Nil (1993), winner of the Forward Prize for Best First Collection; God's Gift to Women (1997) - winner of the T. S. Eliot Prize, and Landing Light (2003), which won both the T. S. Eliot Prize and the Whitbread Prize for Poetry. Rain (2010) won the Forward Prize for Best Collection in 2009, the same year that he was awarded the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry. As a translator, he has also published highly acclaimed free versions of Antonio Machado (The Eyes, 1999) and Rainer Maria Rilke (Orpheus, 2006). His Selected Poems appeared in 2012.Paterson's ever-widening range of startlingly original writing also includes a commentary on Shakespeare's Sonnets (2010) and two collections of aphorisms, including The Book of Shadows.

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