Freitag 07. November 2014 — Bern, Hotel Bern

Improving Data Access and Research Transparency (DART) in Switzerland


Data access and research transparency (DART) are central pillars of academic research. Researchers in all fields are supposed to provide not only final results, but also have to show in detail how they have come to conclusions. Transparency is necessary to allow for replication or falsification of findings. It is also a driving force behind cumulative research allowing other researchers to build on existing findings and datasets and possibly come to more nuanced conclusions. Data access and transparency give academic research credibility and distinguish it from commercial research activities.

The one-day workshop in Bern, November 7th 2014, will bring together researchers, editors of scientific journals, representatives of funding agencies and data archives. The main goal of the proposed workshop is to discuss the state of the art in data access and research transparency (DART) in the social sciences.

A key product of the workshop will be a roadmap with concrete steps on how to improve DART in Switzerland in the coming years. It is foreseen that the workshop proceedings will be published.

Confirmed speakers include: Prof. Michael Breen, U Limerick; Prof. Eva Deuchert, U St. Gallen; Prof. Nicolas Favez, U Geneva; André Golliez, opendata.ch; Dr. Ingrid Kissling-Näf, Swiss National Science Foundation; Prof. Antonio Loprieno, U Basel; Patrick McCartan, Cambridge University Press; Prof. Yannis Papadopoulos, U Lausanne; and Prof. Vera Troeger, U Warwick.



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