Commons in a glocal world

Dienstag 10. Mai 2016 — Freitag 13. Mai 2016 — Institut für Sozialanthropologie, Universität Bern

Commons in a “Glocal” World: Global Connections and Local Responses


Research on the commons deals either with the development of institutions for the management of the commons, or with issues related to global change. While the latter mainly focuses on drivers and effects of global expansion of capitalist modes of production, consumption, and societal reproduction, research on institutions for the management of the commons deals with collective action and the effects and reactions within local action arenas. However, the entangled institutional processes through which global and local arenas – referred to as “glocal” – interlock are not yet addressed in a systematic way.

Europe has been a major driver of “glocal” processes. Therefore, the 4th Regional European Meeting of the IASC was devoted to global connections and local responses. It provides a space to advance our understanding of ongoing “glocal” processes and to analyse historically how commons in Europe have evolved and adapted to “glocal” changes.

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