Balzan Distinguished Lecture 2010

Montag 20. Dezember 2010 , 17.00–19.30 — Semper Aula, ETH Zürich

Balzan Distinguished Lecture 2010 – Professor Anthony Grafton, University of Princeton

akademien-schweiz, Fondazione Internazionale Balzan "Premio", Zentrum Geschichte des Wissens

The International Balzan Foundation «Prize» and the Swiss Academies of Arts and Sciences, in cooperation with the Competence Centre «History of Knowledge» ETHZ / University of Zurich oraganize the Balzan Distinguished Lecture 2010.
This year’s Balzan Distinguished Lecture will be given by Professor Anthony Grafton, Princeton University, USA. The aim of this event is to present some recent research on the History of Books and Publishing by Anthony Grafton, who received the Balzan Prize in 2002 in the category «History of the Humanities.» Professor Grafton will also present the work of the two young scholars who were funded by the second half of the Balzan Prize.


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