Colloque de Genève. Le Cours de Linguistique Générale.

Montag 09. Januar 2017 — Samstag 14. Januar 2017 — Universität Genf

The Course in General Linguistics. 1916-2016. The Emergence

Claire Forel / Ecaterina Bulea / Lance Hewson / Fabienne Reboul

The Course in General Linguistics of Ferdinand de Saussure is one of the key works of the 20th century, a seminal text in Europe and across the world for the development not just of modern linguistics but for the whole of the social sciences and humanities. Its impact has not been limited to those strands of research that build directly upon its heritage, but has been no less strong on those that position themselves in opposition to it.

It was published in June 1916, three years after Saussure’s death. Much ink has been spilt describing the conditions under which the book was assembled and published, in the middle of WWI, no less. Questions remain however, and this centenary – closing a period of commemorations that began with the 150th anniversary of Saussure’s birth in 2007 – provides an occasion for addressing them and many related ones.

These scholarly meetings are motivated by a vision of global academic citizenship. The intellectual perspective opened by the Course in General Linguistics spread across all of Europe and beyond, and this universality has given rise to a co-operative, non-exclusive cultural identity within an open society of knowledge and research. It is this ideal of collective scholarly work, in which differences become positive factors, that we hope will inspire these colloquia, devoted as they are to a book that opened a new way to understand the nature and functioning of institutions, based on an approach grounded in notions of identity and difference.

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